You’ve broken my heart, and you can’t see why.
You’ve broken my heart and don’t realize I cry.

You’ve taken from me my security.
You’ve taken from me my chance to feel free.

That you couldn’t feel my love; I don’t understand why.
That you don’t feel loved is not because I didn’t try.

I gave you my heart, my body, and soul.
I never wanted to watch you go.

I loved and supported you and gave you all of me.
But nothing I did could set you free.

I fought for you daily; our future was bright.
I wanted your heart, but the demons held on tight.

You’re on the attack, hurting me each day.
It scares me so much when you act this way.

Your eyes turn black and are filled with hate.
You’re caught in the past, and can’t seem to escape.

Our dream of forever came crashing down.
Destroying my dream of the soul mate I’d found.

Now you’ve left me vacant and all alone.
With everyone telling me I should’ve known.

Author: jlee5879

Living the dream in the Chicago burbs but still wouldn't mind winning the lottery or publishing my manuscript. Also a Dunkin Donuts addict & nachos connoisseur. Twitter: @jlee5879blogger

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