Jlee’s Review: …And Just Like That

Gosh, I haven’t written a review for SO long. And I’m SO happy and excited to make my 1st review on 10 Years Later ironically a 20 years later reboot of the uber popular 90s show Sex & the City.

I remember being in my 20s and watching the DVDs (because I didn’t have HBO lol) and being so absolutely in love with this show.

And having a massive crush on Mr. Big.
And loving that Carrie is a writer – like me!
And loving the dating stories…the post-it breakup, the checking your answering machine, and the reintroduction of the Cosmo.

And then the show ended, life went on, and I found other shows to obsess over. (Side note: I remember going to the movie theatre to see the first movie (2008), Sex and the City. The theatre offered every guest one free Cosmo drink as part of the ticket purchase. It was so crowded that my friend almost got in a fight with another pushy broad trying to cut in line. :D)

And then all the re-boots started.

A re-boot of Saved by the Bell? A Friends Reunion and so many more I started to wonder if Hollywood ran out of ideas? (And then I found The Flight Attendant on HBO Max, the same streaming service …And Just Like That is on, and realized no, no the artform of new and amazing shows isn’t dead. P.S. The Flight Attendant is amazing!)

But, anyways, we’re talking about Carrie and Co. (minus Samantha) coming back! The show premiered on HBO Max on December 9, 2021 with almost all of our fave cast members in a 10-episode revival of the lives of the women we met in their 30s now navigating life in their 50s.

And here’s my thoughts.

I don’t miss Samantha, and I thought I would.

Bye Felicia!

The writers did an amazing job of bringing back old characters (Stanford Blatch) and introducing new characters (Sara Ramirez). And it all blends together perfectly!

I love seeing Anthony regularly.

Stanford Blatch was Carrie’s gay BFF, a likeable and underrated character loved by many. Willie Garson began filming the reboot in June 2021 with Stanford married to Anthony Marantino, his nemesis turned husband.

Willie passed away from pancreatic cancer on September 21, 2021. We lost Willie way too soon (at only 57) and fans wondered how it would affect the storyline since he had begun filming. The writers had a decent send off for Stanford seeing as though it’s only a 10 episode revival, and while we mourn the loss of Stanford we are blessed to be seeing lots of Anthony, who has started his own business called Hot Fellas. And have not fret – he’s jumped right in as Carrie’s new BFF even dragging her to see a plastic surgeon!

The jury is still out on Seema.

Carrie’s realtor turned friend Seema played by Sarita Choudhury is a great addition of a middle-aged single woman who won’t apologize for her unmarried lifestyle. I’ve read some negative comments (“overt whiteness”) referring to the writers trying to diversify the series. My take, Yahoo, is that times have changed and the writers are trying to bring …And Just Like That into the 2020s, which is actually very positive and interesting to this white Italian girl.

Carrie with Seema’s parents

Seema brings Carrie to her family’s home for a Diwali party, in which Carrie excitedly shops for a sari to culturally appreciate at the event. I just can’t figure out if Seema is legit or not. Maybe because she’s such a boss.

I still don’t understand the Peloton drama.

Apparently the yuppies don’t want to buy Peloton’s anymore since a ‘SATC’ character dies on their bike while working out.

What the actual fuck?

And Pelaton’s stock prices dropped? Because of SATC?
Welcome to 2022.

Have you watched the Sex and the City revival … And Just Like That? What do YOU think of it?