A Million Fucking Pieces

I followed the rainbow till the end
Instead of gold I found you
How lucky I felt to see you there
You’d been on my mind for such a long time

I figured you and I would just never be
You figured you weren’t deserving of me
You came along into my life
With the simple message you sent that night

We talked for hours; it felt so easy
You said you couldn’t wait to see me
The relationship started so fast and intense
I couldn’t help but get swept up in love and romance

You asked to marry me and
I couldn’t wait to be your wife
We made so many plans for the future
We were gonna have the perfect life

Then you stabbed me in the back
And started so many fights
There was just too much to come back from
I knew I had to say good-bye after that fateful night

And then you broke my heart into a million fucking pieces