About Jlee

I started Jlee’s Blog in 2010. I was newly married and expecting. I was truly the happiest I’d been in my life. I loved being married, I was excited to be a mother and I felt like my life was finally becoming what I always imagined it would be.

Sure I had gone through struggles, but with counseling and the support of my partner I felt on top of the world and ready for this new chapter in my life.

My happiness was short-lived when the birth of my daughter brought me challenges I hadn’t expected. There were health issues, and family issues, and marital issues. It was all crashing down. I was drowning. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

I filed for divorce.

I was at my lowest point. I was alone and confused. I felt like a failure. I conceded to my own little cocoon of anger and self-pity. And then I had to put myself back together for the sake of my daughter if for no one else.

Coming up on my sixth year as a single mom I’ve felt lonely and frustrated, however I’ve also felt more joy and experienced more happiness than I ever would have expected. I’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This blog showcases my journey. My life. Thanks for reading.


27 thoughts on “About Jlee”

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  2. You Rock as writer Jen! You also are a good Mom and friend. For a guy, I enjoy your posts.
    You’re a sweetheart. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. πŸ™‚


  3. Found your blog by accident today when I googled, “a choice for life reviews”. I have to say, I can’t remember how long its been since I laughed this hard. Thank you for sharing. This was something I truely needed. I will be a new follower. Thanks again.

  4. It takes total comfort in self 2 share your words the way you do. It’s inspiring & completely real. I like that about you so continue doing your thing & keep growing. See you on the flipside….yep!

    Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

  5. jlee thank you for making me like i am not alone. i read your blog and totally get you. Sharon needs a chill pill. lol

  6. Your blog seems really interesting and your daughter is gorgeous! I briefly paged through your comments, and whoever that Sharon is, needs to take a chill pill. Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you need to give up the things you like.. probably some bitter TTC bitch (PS – Saw a pic of you with the T&Co toggle heart necklace, LOVE IT, I got the same one last Vday).

    You def picked up a new reader out of me!!

    – Lyndsay, Mom of 2 Boys

    1. Hi Lyndsay! Thanks so much. Yes, I definitely have some haters out there, lol. I appreciate the support and totally agree – T&Co is a girl’s dream. I hope you will keeping reading. πŸ™‚

  7. You’re brave and courageous to share your stories with all of us! I love to write but have not reached the point of sharing. I am a Cubs fan because I can’t quite cut the unhealthy relationship, but I root for the Yankees because that is my Girlfriend’s favorite team.

    1. Hi MJ! Thanks for reading and for your comment. I looovvve writing. It’s such a part of who I am. I’m glad you write, too, and if you never want to share it that’s OK. πŸ™‚ Football season is upon us. Go Bears!!

      I hope you’ll read more. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  8. I wanted to dislike your blog based on the sole reason that you were soliciting fans through Craigslist. But truth be told, I loved reading about Dunkin Bitch. Keep up the good work.
    – A fellow writer.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the note. I must agree with you — I do think it’s a bit cheesy to post my blog on Craig’s List, however, another part of me thinks it’s quite brilliant really to use the internet to get my writing out there. I love to write, and I want to be a professional writer. I just hope and pray everyday that someone reads my blog and offers to publish my novel! Thanks for the support. Do you write professionally?
      ~ Jlee

  9. Hello-
    I really like the honesty you show in your blog, your humor, and the subjects you have been talking about. I do sympathize with you so much in your journey with PPD. I gave birth to twin boys 14 years ago. One of them had a tough birth, needed critical care, he is a great kid, who has mild to moderate cerebral palsy due to the birth, now. His brother, also a good hearted guy, is doing well, now in a high school for gifted kids here. I went through a lot of what you went thru. I also unfortunately took a big body hit after the birth, and now have fibromyalgia, among other things. I am also a single mom now, as I am separated for 3 years. I no longer work due to the FM, etc. I had a fulfilling career as a social worker that I had to give up to work on healing and to be able to raise my kids.
    You deserve lots of credit for opening up to others on your blog to give them a taste of what PPD, among other things is like. It takes time for you to settle back down, trust yourself, and find your place as the momma tiger that you are. And dont forget the name of your blog when dealing with negative readers who should have better things to do than try to discourage you, or put you down. Let her walk a minute in your shoes. No excuses necessary! Italian, Irish, or Jew(me), I really think you are being yourself, brave and open. Not enough people like this in the world. And your daughter will have a very interesting, emotionally unconstipated, caring mom who should know that having fun makes her a better mom by having her own needs met.
    I found you on Craigslist in NYC, and it is a nice surprise to find your blog. Good luck with your new novel. Very kewl! If you ever want to discuss PPD, or whatever, feel free to get in touch, or I will just read your blog.

    Annie Arato

    1. Hi Annie,
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your two sons. I am so touched that you took the time to write me to tell me that you like my blog. Obviously not everyone is going to agree with me, and that’s fine, but sometimes the criticism can be tough to take. It meant so much to me that despite your own personal struggles, you took time to tell me to be brave and to hold my head high. I love that you say “that momma tiger that you are.” Yes, I AM making mistakes, but I am learning from that. I am learning to trust my instincts and trying to be the best mother that I can be. Your comment touched me, and I’ve thought about you every day since reading it. I honestly am struggling with words right now because I want you to know how truly honored I am to have you as a blog reader. I want to thank you for supporting me as a mother.

      You sound like a patient mother and a caring person. I’m sorry to hear about your FM and the loss of your marriage. If my blog does nothing but allow you five minutes of “Annie” time and a smile than I am so happy.

      Please keep reading and giving me feedback. It means the world to me.
      Thank you again.

  10. Sharon, I am sorry that my blog has angered you so much. I do appreciate you reading and commenting. I hope you will check back to see I am not as awful as you think I am.
    P.S. My husband IS a saint. He’s a great man.

  11. hopefully you can control your temper because if you don’t the baby will suffer. You sound like you should be away from people to be honest. Your partying days are over with when you have a child. Babies are alot of responsibilities. you husband must be a saint to put up with you.

  12. Hi JLee,

    Came across your blog on craigslist. I am a Chi-Town Girl aswell, born and raised SouthSide so, Go SOX!. Ive been in NY for about 8 years now and LOV-N- IT!! I just wanted to say hello, I’m actually on line looking for a sanctuary for my 4 cats that I need temporary housing for. I wish you well with your blog, (whatever a blog is) and I will check back with you a little later.


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