#1: Deep Thoughts by Jlee

Today’s Deep Thoughts by Jlee actually comes to us from our #1 Get to Know: Susannah Collins!

Sooz met up with me when I was in NYC to attend the petiteBox launch party at The Party Loft (which was awesome since I had some anxiety about attending the event alone).

Afterwards she was kind enough to take me out for lunch to celebrate my newfound blog success (I was so honored!) at Rosa Mexicano in Chelsea. We had a great time catching up and had a few deep thoughts of our own which is bound to happen after three glasses of wine!

Without further ado Susannah’s deep thought which came to her while enjoying a cocktail at LAX:

“Sometimes I look at all the bottles of booze behind a bar and wonder – how many swigs of each one could I get through before I vomit?  Probably not many.” 

Then she writes: Am I an alcoholic??? 😉


What are your deep thoughts? Email me at jlee5879@live.com.