Lighten Up: Day 6

I’m not sure if you’ve been following the Lighten Up series, but if not read the first post here.

Today I draw this slip ~ Write down your fears then shred them

Jlees Blog

I have a lot of fears lately. Some rational and others completely crazy. I decide this will be a good exercise for me.

I chose a sunny yellow piece of paper and my favorite pink Sharpie and started to work on my list. I named about ten things. I added a sunshine to the left corner and a stormy cloud to the right.

Jlees Blog

I looked at my list. These are my fears.

I walked over to the shredder, placed my fears in the blades and listened to the motor roar. My fears now nothing but tiny slips of paper.

I wish I could say I felt this magical relief after, but I didn’t. My fears exist and shredding a piece of paper is not going to take them away.

I am continuing to use my coping skills during this time of hardship, those being: running, journaling and seeing my counselor. Each day I remind myself to be brave.

What do you do to ease your fears?