Jlee’s Review – iChoice 30 Day Health and Weight Management Program

LYF_iChoice_Logo1After 5 Days of Insanity I knew that cleanses were not for me. My body responds best to mini meals and shakes with one healthy meal – kind of the Slim Fast approach to things. I was drinking Slim Fast shakes for lunch (they’re really not that bad!) and eating a healthy dinner of chicken and veggies.

My weight is stable. I actually lost weight since I quit drinking pop 6 months ago. We also recently joined the Y which has been great because I love running on the track. I used to run a lot before I got pregnant, but after having the Chiquita I couldn’t get back into running.

My best guy friend – who is also a personal trainer – (check out his site here) said it best: “You gotta push through. Just push through.”

We were having lunch about two months ago – omg Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza (they have a great lunch special) – and I was telling him, “I just can’t seem to run anymore. Like I start running and then I just like can’t seem to keep going.”

This is why I picked up hot yoga. I thought that maybe since having a baby my body just couldn’t run anymore? And then he said it; something so simple yet something I tell myself when I’m running on the track feeling like death and hating every moment of it: Push through Jen, just push through.

I’m only up to two miles, but whatever, running is so good for my mental health that is blows away any physical benefits, so it really is a win-win. My goal is to train for a ½ marathon next year! Uh-oh, I told you all, so now I have to really try. Yikes.

Anyways, this post is not about running and me bragging about my new-found joy of running, but rather about my next Groupon adventure of the iChoice 30 Day Health & Weight Management Program.

Yes, after 5 Days of Insanity I was like officially done with all this weight loss shit. Time to hit the gym and eat right! Yeah right…I mean I do try…but like I said I found something that works well for my body. I was drinking Slim Fast shakes when the iChoice 30 Day Health & Weight Management Program came up on Groupon. The cost was $30 for a 30 day package.


I figured I’d give it a shot for if no other reason than to blog about it. The program consists of: A multi-vitamin (iChoice Reach), a one-meal/day replacement shake (iChoice Commit), and an all-natural “fat-blocker” drink mix (iChoice Block).


I take vitamins every day and I have a strict vitamin regimen, so I was excited to try the multi-vitamin – a Bi-Layered High Potency Multi-Vitamin Supplement. The multi-vitamin is a pack of three vitamins. I don’t have much to say on the vitamins. I didn’t notice myself feeling any better or any worse taking these particular multi-vitamins. In fact, more so than a multi I have a Vitamin B Complex that I swear by.

I was also excited to try the shake since I do like drinking a shake for lunch. I know it seems weird, but I often run errands on lunch or in the summer I sit outside and read or journal so it’s much easier to bring a shake with me as opposed to a Lean Cuisine meal. I also find myself feeling good after lunch as opposed to feeling lethargic from a meal. I ate a Lean Cuisine the other day, and I felt like I was going to fall asleep at my desk.

My friend thinks I starve myself of food, but I really don’t. The shakes provide a lot of vitamins and nutrients as well as protein – Fiber, High Protein Meal Replacement Shake – so it really does fill you up! The shake is a green powder that you can add 8 oz. of water or juice to. I had wanted to try it with juice for this review, but I don’t actually drink a lot of juice so I only drank the shake with water. Just so you know the shake is green. I was like Wtf. I mean, it makes sense if the powder is green, but the first time I made it I was like: What the F*ck is this?


The taste, however, is pretty good! I found the shake to be quite tasty and very filling, and I bet it’s even better with different juices! This was a pleasant surprise. Side note: The iChoice website features different recipes that will improve the taste and add fruit!

I was a little nervous about the “fat-blocker” water mix – Natural Fat and Carb Inhibitor Powdered Drink. You mix the powder with a 16 oz. water bottle. I’ve used these type of products before and find it’s always the same. The first few times you drink it you think Hmmm…this isn’t bad, I can handle this. And after about 14 days they make you want to vomit. I actually could not drink it anymore. I literally could not stomach the idea of drinking it. Unfortunately I probably threw half of them away.

What was the outcome? Did I lose weight? Do I now look like a Victoria’s Secret model?

Miranda Kerr's bod is amazeballs!
Miranda Kerr’s bod is amazeballs!

Sorry to disappoint but I pretty much look the same. I did this system for more of a maintenance program to maintain my current weight so I did splurge now and again on the weekends. I’ve definitely maintained my weight, and I’m sure if you really put your mind to it by following the system exactly as its intended I have no doubts you will lose weight.

I like the message of iChoice because the program is geared more towards wellness, nutrition and anti-aging as opposed to weight loss. They also have a ‘members only’ section which features specialists and expert opinions.

Have you tried the iChoice Program? What did you think?