Lighten Up: Day 3

Today I draw this slip ~ Leave a $1.00 on someone’s car/desk (with a note unsigned)

My first thought is: Oh this is an easy one! Good. It’s one I can “get it over with” quickly and painlessly.

My second thought is: What if someone sees me putting this on their car and yells at me to get away from their car?

My third thought is: Maybe this isn’t as easy as I thought it was.

My fourth thought: Omg, you are totally overthinking this.

I get my supplies together. I know what I’m going to do so let’s just start there.

Here is my finished master piece.

I think it looks pretty cool, and I hope someone sees it and is excited to open it, but I’m only imagining myself seeing this on my car and not opening it thinking it’s anthrax.

Now that my project is complete and I sit here typing this post I still can’t decide who to give it to.

Ugh! Why is this so hard?

I would just stick the envelope on some random car in the parking lot across the street from my office building, but it’s actually a rainy day in Chicago.

I decide to go on a walk-a-bout down to the mailbox to brainstorm this a bit. I pass Skinny Jeans’ office and see the office is closed today. Here we go! I can stick the note under the door and they will find it tomorrow morning. What a great plan!

Side note: If you’re wondering about Skinny Jeans, you’re not the only one. I think he may have been working a freelance job because I haven’t seen him for about six months, but I have seen his friend who was in the photo with him. It’s too bad for all of us, I know.

So anyways, I walked back to Skinny Jeans’ office with the envelope in hand. And yes, the lights were still out. Thank goodness. As I walked down the hall I started to think: What if they’re in now? Then what do I do? [Like I can’t just keep walking by.]

I stand outside the door. OK, this is it. I peak inside the dark and peaceful office. I bend down and start to slide the envelope under the door.


I suddenly had a brief Office Space moment. That moment when Peter pushes the letter describing his theft from the company under Lumbergh’s office door and then he’s sort of like, shoot, I want the letter back now. I don’t know why, but I sort of did the same thing. As the letter slid off my fingertips I was like: Wait! I want it back!

I tried to slip my fingers under the door in a desperate attempt to get it back. I’m not sure why…I think I was being a perfectionist and I didn’t like the way I slipped the letter under the door…the envelope turned sideways and was therefore vertical. I wanted the envelope facing horizontal so that when the first person walks in the door the ‘Please Open Me’ is facing them.

My take on today’s “Lighten Up” experience: I’m weird and I have serious perfectionist issues. The whole point of the exercise is to get ‘you’ in this case, me, to lighten up, and meanwhile I’m completely stressing myself out. Wow, I have issues. I give myself an F today.

Update: Today I saw one of the workers from Skinny Jeans’ office walking down the hall. He didn’t look all that happy either. I sat at my desk and thought, dude, what is your problem? At least yesterday I was feeling a little blue due to the weather, but today is a beautiful day in Chicago and you got a cute note and a dollar under your door. Can’t you at least smile when you walk down the hall? What is wrong with these people.

Then I remembered that I’m only supposed to be concerned about MY reaction, no one elses. Ugh. And I get another F.