The Last Goodbye

Devastation and fear
Watching from far or near
Is your shrine complete
Do you have the cage for me to sleep

Are there others or just me
I plead for you to see
The damage you’ve caused
And the fears I now face; wishing I could disappear from this place

I was lost, sad and confused
But I’ve said my good-byes
And I’ve told myself
Big girls don’t cry

It’s time to move forward
Will I ever feel free
I stand with my head held high
While I rebuild the life I thought was mine

I can’t escape these dark dreams
I can’t seem to move forward
I see your face in clouds
I hear you call my name in the breeze

There’s nothing left to do now
As I stare up at the clouds
I know I can no longer cry
I whisper to you my very last goodbye

Author: jlee5879

Living the dream in the Chicago burbs but still wouldn't mind winning the lottery or publishing my manuscript. Also a Dunkin Donuts addict & nachos connoisseur. Twitter: @jlee5879blogger

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